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Ways to help retain Salon & Spa customers

Ways to help retain Salon & Spa customers

Ways to help retain Salon & Spa customers

Plenty of confusion is noticed still in trying to understand the difference that exists between a salon & spa. Defining the businesses is the best way to start understanding them. The outlet with the name ‘Spa’ offers pampering, fulfillment and rejuvenation to those entering here. They are offered with an exotic experience something out of the world, which helps them to forget their otherwise tiring and mundane day to day routine. In case, if this is what is expected by your customers, then the ingredients that can bring a big smile to their face is proper lighting, courteous staff, great location, magical décor and aroma. Being a luxury, these are rather something which cannot be expected every single day or found affordable.

Walking into a salon, I will have affordable, essential and specific needs. Generally, people enter the beauty salon to get a quick facial, haircut or perhaps a head massage between their pick & drops of their chidren from school or office lunch break. They look forward to having quality service, hygienic and clean environment and competent stylist. During the short time period spent with the stylist, the customer befriends them to get some health or beauty tips and also plans to visit the outlet to spend more quality time for a relaxing massage during the weekend.

Salon or Spa – You definitely need to offer the very best to retain your customers

Have well informed staff: Do make sure that your staffs have in-depth knowledge about their work, the type of ingredients used, the place the products are procured from and other details. Customers generally have the habit to get into a conversation with their stylists pertaining to beauty issues or common health ailments. You need to motivate your staffs to provide customers with genuine and useful tips, something they can try back at home.

Fitness & weight management: Who does not desire to lose weight? Be it a beauty parlor, spa or salon, do invest in a weighing machine to provide the BMI. Offer professional remedies based upon the customer’s BMI to help lose through simple workouts, yoga or diet.

Be in touch: Send across messages regularly to your customers educating them about the health benefits derived from different food items and share beauty secrets including DIY recipes of health juices and beauty packs. Customize them as per your requirements and make sure that your customer never even imagines of visiting another salon/spa.

Offer Memberships: Your customer can stay glued to your salon or spa psychologically by taking membership. Rather than pushing services, you can create a pull to increase footfall. The membership offered should also benefit their family members, thus increasing customer walk-in, thereby helping you to penetrate the market and reach across to be more people in this segment.

Value time: It is only by respecting valuable time of the customers that retail owners can stand to gain immense value. Today, people have several plans to fulfill, but in less time. There is a genuine need to respect customer’s time and to manage efficiently your calendar. It is best done by availing a proper appointment management system to help plan the week/day. Today, you can come across software having such features allowing you to even manage postponement and appointment cancellations.

Irrespective of any type of business, it is not stock loss, visual merchandising nor resource management, but customer retention that is considered to be the most expensive factor for any entrepreneur. It is only by using the latest technology and combining expert strategies that you can plan to develop to grow your business and to retain your customers easily and effortlessly. Try out the most effective and user-friendly salon & spa POS solution available in the market and take your very first step to achieve sure success.