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Restaurant Sales Data On The Go: PromptTech LeRapport Restaurant Reporting App


Restaurant Sales Data On The Go: PromptTech LeRapport Restaurant Reporting App

This module, popularly referred to as the ‘LeRapport’, is created in mobile application form and integrated with ‘PromptTech Restaurant App’, its parent software. It can be termed to be your sales data being ‘in motion’, designed to offer seamless experience. It is meant for those eager to monitor sales throughout the day.

There are 3 heads under which you can find sales report data, namely, Live Table Reports, Item-wise sales Report and Daily sales Report.

One should not undermine the significance of sales statistics. Without doubt, the application acts as your statistician and also is straightforward. Graphical representative imagery is used to place data, while easy to understand comparisons are used.

Item-wise sales Report

Collections for each food item are displayed in this category. This sub-module displays clearly total revenue that is generated by every food item present including percentage share in overall revenue. It is possible to obtain more information pertaining to share on each item simply by clicking food type present on main page.

Daily Sales Report

Daily sales report is exhibited in this category. Details included are Total sales, Takeaway, Dine-in, Room Service, Delivery, Cancelled bills, Complimentary and Discounts. Each service provided has an amount that is listed with & without taxes. Besides this, there is a graph which is present at the top screen to depict sales differences existing between services offered.

Live Table Reports

Live status of Tales is displayed in this sub-module to Owner from the restaurant. There are displayed open tables, billed tables and occupied tables. Floor-wise information can also be obtained to help owners to track sales volume on all floors of the building. Moreover, occupied and billed tables contain number of people occupying each table. But this data can be availed just for a single day as it expires the next day starting.

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