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POS Software for Food Court Management

POS Software for Food Court Management

POS Software for Food Court Management

Managing a Food court with hundreds of employees serving customers in thousands on a daily basis and that too with different types of delicious, tasty cuisines can be a cumbersome task. People visiting those hi-tech food courts and malls prefer to have a systematic approach and modernized ambiance. With Food Court Management POS software, it becomes easy to administrate the business and to streamline successfully.


Most food court management POS software come with unique features like taking orders for kitchen with dine in, home delivery and take away, provides terminal access to employees, toppings and measurements, rooms & tables, items & menus, billing, payment options along with customer details.

The system or software can be accessed easily and effortlessly by the administrator due to its user friendly features and touchscreen options. Once the software is customized fully with client requirements, it is supplied to be used in the food court.

Besdies the above, the software also comes with various other useful functionalities, which again depends upon the restaurant’s specific profile. It does help the manager to analyze closely and thoroughly customer tastes and hot sales on hour to hour basis.

At the same time, it also allows efficient and faster processing of orders from customers from any available terminal, even by using wireless handhelds. It is possible to track the worst and best selling items, one time and to identify loyalty customers, while rewarding those hot selling terminals. The electronic chart comes with easy to understand graphs to enable easy and quick viewing of pricing updation, stock levels, new and old stocks.

Restaurant POS combined with client server architecture and internet based are being used by bars, cafes, hotels, food outlets and fine dining restaurants, so as to enhance customer experience, service quality, price control, etc., thereby helping to improve overall performance and efficiency of the business.

What one needs to understand is that software is not meant for billing purpose only. Besdies this, there are available different functions, which otherwise is found to be a complex process by managers, accountants or the administrator to maintain, calculate and backup invests, profits and sales. Their task can be made all the more simpler and easier with the use of restaurant based Point of Sale (POS) and also ensures that the customers are able to leave the place largely satisfied and happy.