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Health Club & Gym: Use the best POS Billing Software

Health Club & Gym: Use the best POS Billing Software

Health Club & Gym: Use the best POS Billing Software

Installing the very best gym POS (Point of Sale System) is sure to enable member management and gym to be much faster and easier and to boost the bottom line.

An ideal software that will suit your gym or fitness studio is one that will have all essential features required to generate the revenue as well as to enhance member experiences. Installation of the most appropriate system will require you to improve data security and to spend much less time on the different administrative tasks.


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POS software for sale

PROMPTTECH gym POS software covers you completely on both mobile and desktop. For the front desk, you can get to select from variety of hardware options, ranging from barcode scanners to card readers and receipt printers. It helps you to sell your services effortlessly and quickly. If you are away from your front desk, then you can check out all your customers from anywhere within the studio by installing our business app on your iPad or phone.

Sell Smarter

Although we do provide plenty of hardware options, you can choose a single device to install our PROMPTTECH Reporting app. It allows tracking of sales right from the word ‘Go’.

Get to know your numbers

All essential and desired transaction numbers and sales can now be tracked easily with PROMPTTECH gym POS system. This way, you can be on course to fulfil your business goals. You also are allowed to generate reports, be it by customer, service, product, location or staff, thereby providing you with a clear view as to where your business was then and where it is now and how it is doing. You also can get to see what is not selling, what’s selling and also track commission based sales, thereby allowing your staffs to be adequately rewarded.