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PromptTech VAT billing software for SPA Business

This is a simple user-friendly software to run your Spa business, it has unique features to handle packages, employee commissions, customer appointment, basic accounts, and reports etc., PromptTech Spa manager is very simple to understand and use. Also, the business owner has a lot of useful features inbuilt in the app to run the spa business.
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Spa Management Software

PromptTech Solutions’ SPA management software is an innovative SPA Management system to run any SPA in Dubai easily. This SPA POS system offers automation of complete SPA operations right from scheduling to booking any service along with an online payment system and management. If there is more than one SPA outlet, this is the best SPA management software to manage all. This SPA software gives you an effective and reliable way to keep your SPA running profitably and you can also customize our SPA management system as per your business requirements.

POS Billing
Software for SPA

Our mobile friendly SPA Management system is specially designed for Dubai and UAE based SPA businesses. This software will also function as a billing software and as an accounting software to make your SPA management be done very smoothly. You will also get the traditional POS functions like – credit card and gift card processing, quick checkout, coupons, etc. With this SPA Management Software, employees and customers can check availability for services for a specific time and branch. The Real time booking information available in the POS helps customer service people to schedule services accurately. It is also easy to schedule, maintain and operate rooms and resources to the clients, and properly manage them. You can track what is happening in your SPA company by viewing sales reports, inventory reports and more.

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Compatible with Hardware's

PromptTech Retail Management VAT Billing Software with POS is single application and is easy to install on Desktop, Laptop, and Tablets. The software is user-friendly and can be used as soon as its Installed.
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Windows Tablet

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All Laptops

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All Desktop


POS Machines

Features of SPA POS Software

The software Application includes features like credit customer tracking, credit payment, supplier management, stock handling, HR, accounts, reports include P&L, balance sheet, tax reports, salesman wise report and a lot of other advanced features to get better control on your business. Our retail billing software or application comes with features like Company Details, Salesman Creation, Supplier Creation, Customer Creation, City, Subcategory Creation, Category Creation, Unit, Product Creation, Purchase Order, Purchase Invoice, Purchase Return, Purchase Asset, Quotation, Pending Quotation, Rejected Quotation, Sales Order, Sales Invoice, Delivery Note, Wholesale Return Bill, Receipt, Payment, Petty Cash Header, Petty Cash Expense, Petty Cash Received, Account Create, Account Group Create, PDC Payment, PDC Receipt, PDC Payment Clearance, PDC Receipt Clearance, User Creation, Privileges , Activity Monitor, Check For Updates, Back Up, Department, Designation, Employee Loan, Salary Payment, POS- Clear All, POS -clear Row, POS- Delete Bill, POS-return, POS -shift Close, POS -payment Mode -cash /card /credit , pay Now, Bill Hold And Recall, Search Bill, POS – Discount, POS -Possible To Change Quantity Of Items etc.

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Quick Create & Share REPORT

You can view and generate reports Like Loan Report, Purchase Item Summary, Detailed POS Report, Purchase Order Report, Purchase Return Register, Supplier Ledger, Purchase Register, Purchase Report, Purchase Order Register, Purchase Return Register, Quotation Report, Pending Quotation Report, Rejected Quotation Report, Approved Quotation, Detailed Sales Order Report, Deleted Sales Report, Customer Outstanding, Daily Sales, Counter Wise Sales, POS Return, Item Wise Sales, Salesman Wise Sales, Day Close Report, POS Register, Profitwise Sales, Wholesale Register, Wholesale Return Register, Stock Statement, Fast Moving Items , Slow Moving Items, Payment Register, Receipt Register, Petty Cash Expense Report, Petty Cash Received Report, Profit And Loss, Daybook, Cheque Reminder Receipt, Cheque Reminder Payment, PDC Payment Reminder, PDC Receipt Reminder, Tax Report, Product Report, POS -credit-credit Customer-bill History, payment History etc.

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