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Single Cart App- Connect with Merchants & Customers FREE

Due to current Pandemic situation many of our retailer customers facing tough time to keep the business live like earlier ,as their customers self restricting to move around freely , hence inorder to support them and to keep the sales live during this changed circumstances we urge them to start home delivery services . However to showcase their product and services to customers many of them facing technological challenges and budget constrains , hence we came up with this FREE App , ‘Single Cart ‘ to connect customers and merchants in one platform , We believe this might reduce the delivery time for customers as well ,since its from their local areas. Moreover easy to connect with seller if in case of any after sales support required ,instead of going through a lengthy customer service process .

Single Cart App

PromptTech closely working with retail customers since long time particularly small and medium businesses, we know it might be difficult or unaffordable for them to setup a Ecommerce platform quickly to reach out their customers online in order to adjust with current market change . ‘SingleCart’ is a FREE platform to support them as well as customers who wanted to connect with local shop to buy their necessary items .

How it works?


1- Choose the Product from the shop nearby your location

Paid & Unpaid Invoices

2 – Shops get notified your order , they will send the items to your location if they can mange the delivery

Manual Attendance

3- Make payment at the time of delivery directly to the shop representative and receive the items

How it benefits ?

Member Expiry Tracking

Connect with local shop and update about their product or services


Direct payment to shop representative , App is always FREE for Customers


Reduced time of delivery and easy to reach local merchant if incase of any after sales requirement

Free eCommerce Enabled App

Started Shop Registration for Single Cart

SingleCart is a Free Mobile App to Connect Merchants and Customers in one platform