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About Laundry Software

PromptTech Laundry Manager Software application is a simple and user-friendly software to run a profitable Laundry business, The software has advanced features which helps in quotation management, credit customer handling, contract management, barcode etc which will support users to scale up the business to a greater height.

Compatible with any hardware

The software is built in architecture which enables users to easily install the application and use the application effectively for Laundry business.

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You can feel a unique experience in handling day to day Laundry operations with our sophisticated software, PromptTech Laundry app have added features like tax invoicing, tax reports, P&L, balance sheet, other account reports, HRM etc.

Features of Laundry Management Software

Company Details, Manage Customer, Services, Cloth, Price List, Supplier, Delivery Boy, Product, Purchase, Item Consumption, Purchase Register, Supplier Payment, Purchase Asset, Payment & Terms, Quotation, Pending Quotation, Rejected Quotation, Approved Quotation Sales Invoice, Wholesale Customer Outstanding, Quotation wise Sales, Delivery Note, Sales Receipt, Account Head Creation, Receipt, Payments, Bank Deposit, Bank Withdrawal, Daybook, Department, Designation, Employee Creation, User Creation, Privilege Setting, Back Up, Check For Updates, POS-bill List/bill Search, Pos-can Select Delivery Type, Pos- Can Select Service Mode, Pending Bill Settlement, Pick Up, Collection, Edit Collection.

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Stock Report, Quotation Expiry Report, Quotation Report, Sales Report, Payments, Bank Deposit, Bank Withdrawal, Daybook, Profit & Loss Report, Loan, Salary Payment, Salary Report, Daily Sales, Pending Bill, Daily Collection, Customer Outstanding, Tax Report, Delivered But Not Paid Report, Service Wise Report, Payment Report, Receipt Report, Delivery Date Wise Report, Purchase Asset, Z Report, Daily Delivery Report, Customer List, Item Consumption Report.

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