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PromptTech VAT billing software for Laundry Business

A complete Beauty Laundry Management Solutions to attract new customers, improve customer experience, Save Time and maximize your profit.This is a simple user-friendly software to run your Salon business, it has unique features to handle packages, employee commissions, customer appointment, basic accounts, and reports etc., PromptTech Laundry manager is very simple to understand and use. Also, the business owner has a lot of useful features inbuilt in the app to run the Laundry business.
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Laundry Management Software

PromptTech POS Laundry Management Software provides a total solution and offers a revolutionary way for managing laundry operations from production to administration, inventory management and customer service for today’s modern, sophisticated commercial laundries as well as hospital and hotel laundries in Dubai. The mobile friendly Point of Sale software is meticulously refined to make interaction a better experience all around, whether you are running a single outlet laundry business or multi outlet chain of dry-cleaning shops. PromptTech offers efficient laundry management ERP as a web-based application that helps in customer online laundry tracking with real time access. The VAT ready Software helps to keep the laundry company to streamline its operations in an integrated mode. The laundry software can also be utilised as billing software and as an accounting software for laundries in managing online payments and delivery schedules.

POS Billing
Software for Laundry

The laundry POS software has the feature of online delivery schedule which can be used to deliver a confirmation to the customer to inform them of the delivery time of scheduled laundry. The time frame is made systematically so as to avoid any delay in online delivery schedules. The fast, easy to use Laundry Management POS raises the productivity of your laundry outlets. Special features of the laundry management ERP include all printer support, multi-store management, monitor inventory purchases, assembly, automatic invoicing, notifications by Email/SMS, auto-backups, route planning, free updates and more.

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Compatible with Hardware's

PromptTech Retail Management VAT Billing Software with POS is single application and is easy to install on Desktop, Laptop, and Tablets. The software is user-friendly and can be used as soon as its Installed.
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Features of Laundry POS Software

Company Details, Manage Customer, Services, Cloth, Price List, Supplier, Delivery Boy, Product, Purchase, Item Consumption, Purchase Register, Supplier Payment, Purchase Asset, Payment & Terms, Quotation, Pending Quotation, Rejected Quotation, Approved Quotation Sales Invoice, Wholesale Customer Outstanding, Quotation wise Sales, Delivery Note, Sales Receipt, Account Head Creation, Receipt, Payments, Bank Deposit, Bank Withdrawal, Daybook, Department, Designation, Employee Creation, User Creation, Privilege Setting, Back Up, Check For Updates, POS-bill List/bill Search, Pos-can Select Delivery Type, Pos- Can Select Service Mode, Pending Bill Settlement, Pick Up, Collection, Edit Collection..

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Quick Create & Share REPORT

Stock Report, Quotation Expiry Report, Quotation Report, Sales Report, Payments, Bank Deposit, Bank Withdrawal, Daybook, Profit & Loss Report, Loan, Salary Payment, Salary Report, Daily Sales, Pending Bill, Daily Collection, Customer Outstanding, Tax Report, Delivered But Not Paid Report, Service Wise Report, Payment Report, Receipt Report, Delivery Date Wise Report, Purchase Asset, Z Report, Daily Delivery Report, Customer List, Item Consumption Repor

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