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Point of Sale for Grocery / Minimart

Increase efficiency in inventory management.

PromptTech VAT billing software for Grocery / Minimart

PromptTech Grocery Manager is a simple user-friendly POS software best suitable for Grocery and Minimart Business, this is very easy to learn and use. It handles all the activities involved in the Business process of Grocery and Minimart business.
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Grocery Management Software

PromptTech Solutions provides integrated Grocery POS solutions that offer a complete end to end solution to manage your Supermarket or Grocery shop in Dubai according to your requirements. With the mobile friendly Grocery Management Software owners can manage inventory purchases, receive order, and adjust stock instantly. Shelf tags and promotional price labels can be printed directly from POS system. The POS interfaces with weighing scales & programs your item directly to POS and users can decide to push a specific item and program it directly into the scale. Grocery POS System from PromptTech Solutions will help you in grocery management and keep your costs under control.

POS Billing
Software for Grocery

The Grocery POS can function as a billing software and accounting software driving the business as easy as possible with an exciting user-friendly interface and its business oriented analysis reports. The accounting software app is fully loaded with all the tools for a grocery shop covering key operational areas like Customer Loyalty program, Inventory Management, Financial Accounting etc. You can view real time sales and stock status from any mobile devices from anywhere in the world. The Grocery management software helps you to keep a firm grip on who is logging into your system and at what time by viewing the event log. The Grocery POS has owner-defined security to protect your business. Each Screen and functions like Credit, Void, cancel, Price change, Discounts, Day end closing and Reports can be held completely under Security user levels. The grocery management ERP is a VAT ready software

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Compatible with Hardware's

PromptTech Retail Management VAT Billing Software with POS is single application and is easy to install on Desktop, Laptop, and Tablets. The software is user-friendly and can be used as soon as its Installed.
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Windows Tablet

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All Laptops

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All Desktop


POS Machines

Features of Grocery/Minimart POS Software

The software includes the following features :- Company Details, Salesman Creation, Supplier Creation, Customer Creation, City, Subcategory Creation, Category Creation, Unit , Product Creation, Purchase Order, Purchase Invoice, Purchase Return, Purchase Asset, Quotation, Pending Quotation, Rejected Quotation, Receipt, Payment, Petty Cash Header, Petty Cash Expense, Petty Cash received, Account Create, Account Group Create, PDC Payment, PDC Receipt, PDC Payment Clearance, PDC Receipt Clearance, User Creation, Privileges , Activity Monitor, Back Up, Check For Updates, Purchase Item Summary, POS Register, Profit wise Sales, Stock Statement, Day book, Profit & Loss, Payment Register, Receipt Register, Cheque Reminder Receipt, Cheque Reminder Payment, PDC Payment Reminder, PDC Receipt Reminder, POS- Clear All, POS -clear Row, POS- Delete Bill, POS-return, POS -shift Close, POS -payment Mode -cash /card /credit , POS -credit-credit Customer-bill History,payment History,pay Now, Bill Hold And Recall, Search Bill, POS – Discount, POS -possible To Change Quantity Of Items, POS-home Delivery, POS -home Delivery Payment etc…

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Quick Create & Share REPORT

You can view and generate the following reports:- Purchase Order Report, Supplier Ledger, Purchase Register, Purchase Report, Purchase Order Register, Quotation Report, Pending Quotation Report, Rejected Quotation Report, Approved Quotation, Detailed Sales Order Report, Deleted Sales Report, Customer Outstanding, Daily Sales, Counter Wise Sales, POS Return, Item Wise Sales, Sales Man-wise Sales, Day Close Report, Tax Report, Product Report, etc …

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