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PromptTech Subscrption

PromptTech offers different types of subscription packages to users to get continued support and updates from us, PromptTech generally offers its subscriptions on a yearly renewal basis, users can renew the same by using online payment or through the customer care center.

Various Subscription Packages

PromptTech offers various subscription package to its users to keep a longtime relationship and on time support to our users

PromptTech Support Subscription (PSS)

We at PromptTech believe that software is a lifetime product for enterprises unlike hardware. We are committed to delivering enterprise-class, worldwide support to help you maximize your technology to gain a competitive advantage in your business. We handle software maintenance, allowing you to focus on running your business. Direct support from the PromptTech experts who understand your specific needs help you get the most from our solutions. For each software product you acquire from us you get affordable, renewable, PromptTech Support Subscription that enables our users to Protect the software for a lifetime irrespective of the hardware life.

As a comprehensive product upgrade and Technical Support solution, PromptTech Support Subscription features:
1. Extended online support during the business hours, however direct visit from technicians will be charged extra if required.
2. If there is damage to the existing software, PromptTech Solutions will reinstall the application to the new hardware. All the data can be restored to the new App provided user has the data backup.
3. PromptTech may provide updation on its application which can be upgraded for free of charge. Product upgrades ensure that you can get enhanced performance, security, usability and innovative technology built into the software you already own. However extra module, customization will be charged extra.

Report subscription

Report subscription allows the users to access all the reports of their app online, can be in touch with business from anywhere, this package also on a yearly renewal basis.