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Partner Program

It's a opportunity to sell our wide
variety of software solutions to end users .

Expand your business and Grow together with us .

Partners Commitment

PromptTech partners commits to:

Train themselves and staff in PromptTech Products

Work in accordance with PromptTech terms and conditions

Have dedicated resources assigned to PromptTech

Be available for periodic meetings with PromptTech representatives

Be the 1st level of support for the client & use PromptTech for the 2nd level of support

Benefits for a partner

Permission to sell PromptTech Solutions to users

Access to PromptTech Employees to discuss strategic, sale.

sales and product training sessions.

Get commissions from PromptTech .

Get Updates about version releases and upgrades .

Access to Partners Portal.

Level Gold Platinum
Upto 10 license/month
Morethan 10 license/month

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