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About Us

Walking on water and developing software from a specification are easy if both are frozen.

Who we are ??

PromptTech is one of the leading software brands provides upgraded digital solutions for small and medium business groups, having the presence in India and the United Arab Emirates, PromptTech has already expanded its marketing to all other GCC countries. As a venture headed by ardent business professionals and dedicated technocrats, PromptTech help the businesses by providing the top-notch quality digital solutions. Services offered by PromptTech helps businesses to integrate their process with technology. Being the experts in the sphere of technology, our team wholeheartedly work to create business software for small and medium Businesses. At PromptTech, satisfaction is the ultimate profit that we gained through years by steering many to make their dream on profitable business comes true.

What Makes PromptTech Different ?

As it has been difficult for small and medium enterprises to cope up with competitors, both in case of being smart and running the business smoothly, we started to focus on finding a solution. Rather than focusing on big-budget software used by large-scale enterprises, we thought of creating digital solutions that are affordable for both small and medium scale enterprises. Having the right solution for business needs can truly avoid headaches in business management. We have a large pool of business software that is affordable and easy to use. The software is built in such a way so as to be customized as per your business requirements.