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Single page websites to mark a trend in web

What is trending today might get outdated tomorrow. Keeping up with the fast-changing trends in the web development is indeed a difficult task. When 2016 is near to close, trends are all set in web development to attract new customers, satisfying existing customers and encouraging older customers to return.

The web development trend that is going to hit 2018 is single-page websites. As a best solution to simplicity, this allows putting all the content onto one long scrollable page, removing any clutter.

One-page websites also have a set of advantages. As the essential information is all on one page, these websites don’t challenge the visitor with complex navigation, multi-level menu, and tons of text. The user only has to scroll to it and is definitely more user-friendly. Such websites are great for mobile use. When visiting a one-page website, the user consumes the information consecutively and doesn’t have an option to jump over the pages in the random order. So, we can have certain control over the way a visitor learns more about your company. The single-pagers usually attract with extraordinary design, and powerful accents which bring an impressive increase in conversion.

Of course, single page websites has some limitations. This type of website will not suit e-commerce projects and blogs. At the same time, businesses can significantly benefit, presenting their services in a simplified and more engaging manner. Wrapping up, we firmly believe that single page apps will gain traction in 2018.

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